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Provenza: A Neighborhood Guide

provenza. Medellin, Colombia

Welcome to the Provenza neighborhood of Medellin, buried within the lively district of Poblado, Medellin. Whether you’re here for a quick visit or an extended stay, Provenza offers a host of activities, sights, and amazing food to discover. Below, we’ve curated a guide to the best of Provenza’s scene. 

Breakfast & Brunch


Betty’s Bowl

Atmosphere: Embrace the organic ambiance.
Must-Try Dish: Begin your day with the enticing white smoothie bowl, paired perfectly with one of their freshly squeezed juices. If you’re feeling brunchy, don’t miss their spiked lulado featuring vodka.
Pro Tip: Betty’s Bowls opens its doors early for breakfast enthusiasts and keeps the welcoming vibe going late into the morning, making it a flexible choice for your dining preferences.


Botanika Cocina Fresca

Atmosphere: A haven of natural serenity.
Must-Try Dish: Kickstart your day with their invigorating orange and ginger juice alongside the delectable feta and avocado toast. For an extra treat, add a fried egg.
Pro Tip: If you’re looking to blend work with pleasure, Botanika offers a wealth of power outlets for your co-working needs.

Al Alma

Atmosphere: Infused with hipster charm
Must-Try Dish: Delight your taste buds with the Lox Bagel, complemented by a Swiss Hot Chocolate.
Pro Tip: Al Alma boasts a charming collection of merchandise and bagged coffee, making it an excellent stop for unique souvenirs.


Atmosphere: A funky, vibrant eatery
Must-Try Dish: Dive into the Trufada Sandwich combo, a generous ensemble that includes fries, a drink, and a substantial sandwich.
Pro Tip: For those moments when you’d rather dine in, remember that Breggs offers convenient Rappi delivery.



Atmosphere: A hipster’s paradise
Must-Try Dish: Elevate your brunch experience with a classic Bloody Mary paired harmoniously with their Waffle Pan de Yuca.
Pro Tip: If you’re in the mood for cocktails, consider returning to Relato for a captivating happy hour.

Ganso & Castor

Atmosphere: Elegance meets class
Must-Try Dish: Experience culinary bliss with the Eggs Benedict, accompanied by a Kir Royale cocktail.
Pro Tip: When the Provenza location is bustling, venture to one of their nearby venues for an equally delightful meal.

Azul Selva

Atmosphere: A haven of organic charm
Must-Try Dish: Revel in the flavors of Pancakes de Ahuyama while sipping on a refreshing mimosa.
Pro Tip: Azul Selva’s prime location in the Celestino Hotel lobby ensures a convenient dining experience for all.


Lunch & Dinner:


Atmosphere: Romance in the air
Must-Try Dish: Relish the exquisite tuna steak paired with a Juniper gin and tonic.
Pro Tip: Ammazza offers special decorations for birthdays and celebrations, just let them know in advance.


Atmosphere: Casual and inviting
Must-Try Dish: Dive into the fried fish with coconut rice, complemented by a limonada de coco.
Pro Tip: Portions at Cucayito are generous, so bring your appetite along.



Atmosphere: A romantic retreat
Must-Try Dish: Indulge in the tasting menu and conclude with a Zombie cocktail.
Pro Tip: Carmen offers discounts for VIP Black Cardholders, making it a delightful treat for Casacol guests.



Atmosphere: Upscale and elegant
Must-Try Dish: Savor the egg truffle, followed by the dates cake, all washed down with a glass of prosecco.
Pro Tip: OCI.MDE is a popular spot, so booking a reservation in advance is advisable.



Taco Veg

Atmosphere: Casual and charming
Must-Try Dish: Relish the taco desmechado with a cup of kombucha. Since the tacos are on the smaller side, consider ordering multiple.
Pro Tip: Seating is limited, so be prepared to take your meal to go.

Lenteja Express

Atmosphere: A laid-back casual vibe
Must-Try Dish: Delight in the vegetarian lasagna and refresh with a glass of horchata.
Pro Tip: The menu at Lenteja Express changes regularly, so check ahead for the latest offerings.

Restaurante Mundo Verde

Atmosphere: An ode to organic dining
Must-Try Dish: Savor the Edamame Poke Bowl, accompanied by one of their zero-calorie sodas.
Pro Tip: The menu is extensive, so having an idea of what you’d like to eat in advance is recommended.


El Botánico

Atmosphere: Elegance personified
Must-Try Dish: Revel in the Spaghettini Trufa Negra, beautifully paired with a French 75. Conclude your meal with the exquisite Hojaldre dessert.
Pro Tip: El Botánico extends a warm welcome to Casacol guests, offering them discounts when they present their VIP Black Card.



Ichiraku Ramen

Atmosphere: A tribute to anime culture
Must-Try Dish: Embark on a culinary adventure starting with the vegetable roll, followed by the tantalizing Naruto ramen. Don’t forget to complement your meal with one of their Japanese beers.
Pro Tip: Ichiraku Ramen is adorned with captivating wall art, making it a great spot for snapping some selfies.

SOUL Korean Street Food

Atmosphere: A zen-like serenity
Must-Try Dish: Experience the flavors of Bibimbap and SOUL Milks.
Pro Tip: SOUL Korean Street Food offers an array of delectable appetizers, making it perfect for sharing with a friend.

Bao Bei

Atmosphere: A relaxed dining experience
Must-Try Dish: Savor the See Yao Bao alongside a refreshing Tsingtao beer.
Pro Tip: The bao buns are on the smaller side, so it’s a good idea to order more than one dish.

Moshi & Sushi Bar

Atmosphere: Elegance and sophistication
Must-Try Dish: Begin with the tantalizing tempura and a Moshi Moshi cocktail. For the main course, treat yourself to the spicy crab roll.
Pro Tip: Moshi & Sushi Bar shares its space with Don Diablo, ensuring a delightful range of smooth cocktails and dining options.



Bastardo Restaurant

Atmosphere: Speakeasy charm
Must-Try Dish: Satisfy your cravings with the beer-marinated beef, perfectly accompanied by a sparkling Mary Jane cocktail.
Pro Tip: Reservations via Instagram are recommended, especially during weekends.

Romero Cocina Artesanal

italian food

Atmosphere: An artisanal haven
Must-Try Dish: Commence your culinary journey with the burrata pomodoro, followed by the frutti de mar pasta. Pair your meal with sparkling white sangria.
Pro Tip: The plates are designed for sharing, so you can indulge in an appetizer without overindulging.


The Grill Station Burger

Atmosphere: Casual and inviting
Must-Try Dish: Sink your teeth into the Black Angus Burger, a winner of the 2019 Burger Master competition, and enjoy it with a 3 Cordilleras beer.
Pro Tip: Be sure to ask about the current competing dish, as The Grill Station Burger actively participates in the Burger Master competition.

Hudz The OG Hot Dogs

Atmosphere: Casual and welcoming
Must-Try Dish: Opt for the House Combo, which includes a build-your-own hotdog, salmon nuggets, fries, and a cola.
Pro Tip: Create your own hotdog with a variety of toppings, as they offer an extensive selection. 


Atmosphere: Natural charm
Must-Try Dish: Start with mac and cheese bites, followed by the creamy salmon rice. Complement your meal with an In-Basil cocktail.
Pro Tip: f you’re dining with friends or a group, consider ordering a variety of dishes to share.



Atmosphere: Cozy and inviting
Must-Try Dish: Savor the Maduro Belisario alongside a Gulu rangpur  Gin and Tonic.
Pro Tip: As the evening approaches, Belisario transforms into a unique speakeasy, offering a lively after-hours atmosphere.


Atmosphere: Modern chic
Must-Try Dish: Commence your culinary journey with the mini fondue, followed by the vol au vent quiche. Pair it with the Mimosa Fruits Roger.
Pro Tip: Bagatelle is open for breakfast as well, making it a wonderful spot for a morning croissant and coffee.



Atmosphere: A fusion of culinary traditions
Must-Try Dish: Experience the delectable Chaufa de Mariscos and a Dragon Roll.
Pro Tip: The cuisine at Kabuki is a captivating fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors, offering a diverse menu from sushi to ceviche.


Atmosphere: Romantic allure
Must-Try Dish: Delight in the Paipa Aso Parrilla, concluding your meal with the Melcocha De Caramelo y Arequipe.
Pro Tip: Panka, although seemingly part of Oci.Mde, is actually situated in a separate building.


Atmosphere: Upscale and romantic
Must-Try Dish: Relish the Rocoto Causa and the Nutella Spring Rolls.
Pro Tip: The low lighting in the evening creates a romantic ambiance, making Rocoto a perfect choice for a date night.


El Correo Carne Y Vino

Atmosphere: A natural oasis
Must-Try Dish: Satisfy your cravings with the Bistec El Correo, beautifully paired with a glass of mulled red wine.
Pro Tip: The restaurant, enveloped in greenery, can be easily missed, so keep an eye out for the sign.

La Pampa

Atmosphere: Rustic charm
Must-Try Dish: Indulge in the succulent baby beef, complemented by a glass of sangria.
Pro Tip: La Pampa hosts live music on weekends and offers grilling workshops periodically.


Middle Eastern:

Tandoori Halal

indian food

Atmosphere: A journey to the Orient
Must-Try Dish: Savor the palak paneer with mango lassi and conclude your meal with gulab jamun for dessert.
Pro Tip: Note that the plates do not include naan or rice, so consider ordering an extra side if you desire both.



Atmosphere: A celebration of artistry

Must-Try Dish: Begin your culinary voyage with hummus and octopus dip, followed by a rack of lamb.
Pro Tip: Egeo is situated inside the Click Clack Hotel, offering additional shopping opportunities in the vicinity.


Lezzet Cocina Turca

medellin restaurants

Atmosphere: Casual and welcoming
Must-Try Dish: Savor Turkish coffee, poached eggs, and baklava for a delightful finish.
Pro Tip: Lezzet Cocina Turca is a wonderful place for breakfast, featuring a range of traditional Turkish dishes.


Ángel Azul

Atmosphere: Heavenly delights
Must-Try: Relish the Nutella Pancakes alongside a delightful Raspberry Martini.
Pro Tip: Ángel Azul serves breakfast until late, making it an ideal spot for late risers.


Sweet Mafer

Atmosphere: A sugary paradise
Must-Try: Dive into the Tres Leches Cake, beautifully complemented by an aromatic cup of coffee.
Pro Tip: Sweet Mafer offers cakes for special occasions, so you can celebrate with a customized treat.

La Paletteria

dessert in medellin

Atmosphere: A frozen wonderland
Must-Try: Indulge in their artisanal ice cream popsicles, with flavors ranging from classic chocolate to exotic fruits.
Pro Tip: La Paletteria offers dairy-free and vegan options, ensuring there’s a treat for everyone.


London Frozen Yogurt

Atmosphere: A healthy oasis
Must-Try: Customize your own frozen yogurt with a plethora of toppings.
Pro Tip: Some toppings come with an asterisk and incur an additional charge, so choose wisely.


Amor-Acuyá Gelato

Atmosphere: A touch of elegance
Must-Try: Delight in the rich flavors of macadamia or pistachio gelato.
Pro Tip: The gelato flavors change frequently, providing the perfect excuse to return and explore new taste sensations.


Cocktail Bars:


Atmosphere: An international blend
Must-Try: Sip on a Juniper Gin and Tonic or savor the classic Margarita.
Pro Tip: Vintrash hosts a language exchange meetup every Tuesday night, which often turns into a lively party at midnight.


Tikuna Bar

Atmosphere: A sporty hideaway
Must-Try: Enjoy their expertly crafted mojitos and a variety of classic cocktails.
Pro Tip: Tikuna Bar is connected to a bike shop, allowing you to rent a scooter or motorcycle during the day and unwind with a drink upon return.


Rooftop Bars:

LaZotea Rooftop Bar

Atmosphere: Hipster’s paradise
Must-Try: Sip on the Burbujeante de Panela or opt for the Blueberry Mojito for a spiked twist.
Pro Tip: If the rooftop gets crowded, the ground floor offers a cozy alternative without the view but with the same cool vibe.

Panorama Rooftop Bar

Atmosphere: Party central
Must-Try: Kickstart your evening with the Nassau, a Piña Colada-inspired drink designed to get the night going.
Pro Tip: Panorama Rooftop Bar is discreetly tucked next to a chocolate shop, making it a fantastic choice for happy hour.


Coffee & Coworking


Cafe Velvet

Atmosphere: An embodiment of hipster chic
Must-Try Pairing: Sip on their house tea while savoring a slice of banana chocolate cake.
Pro Tip: If you fall in love with their brew, consider taking some home; they sell coffee by the pound.


Atmosphere: A cozy coffee retreat
Must-Try Dish: Relish the French Toast alongside a double cappuccino.
Pro Tip: Pergamino has multiple locations, each with its unique menu offerings, so be sure to check what’s available at your chosen spot.


Atmosphere: A cozy oasis
Must-Try Pairing: Enjoy their Chemex coffee while indulging in one of their Alfajores.
Pro Tip: Kfeína provides an inviting setting to set up shop, whether it’s on bean bags, comfy couches, or at the bar, making it an excellent spot for work and relaxation.


 Be Together

Atmosphere: Modern and welcoming
Must-Try: Opt for the daily coworking pass, which includes complimentary snacks, tea, and coffee.
Pro Tip: Be Together tends to be more vibrant in the afternoons, making it an ideal workspace during those hours.

Selina Medellin & Cowork

Atmosphere: Bohemian charm
Must-Try: Grab a daily hotseat pass, and don’t forget to sign up via their WhatsApp for a free trial day.
Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for the daily mixer, complete with a complimentary welcome drink at 6:30 PM.

Matilde Coffee Market

Atmosphere: An artistic hideaway
Must-Try: Sip on mulled wine while indulging in a brownie croissant.
Pro Tip: Matilde Coffee Market regularly hosts wine tastings, wine and paint events, and various other activities, making it a hub for both work and leisure.


Bar Chiquita

Atmosphere: LGBTQ+ hub
Must-Try: Attend one of their drag evenings for a memorable night out.
Pro Tip: This LGBTQ+ club is an ideal place to meet like-minded individuals and have a blast. 

La Oculta

Atmosphere: A hidden gem
Must-Try: Order the Malinche, a cocktail featuring Aguardiente Antioqueño.
Pro Tip: La Oculta is discreetly nestled inside a restaurant, so simply ask the bartender for directions.

Teatro Victoria

Atmosphere: Theatrical intrigue
Must-Try: Sip on the Bomba 8, a unique twist on a classic Gin & Tonic enhanced with Red Bull.
Pro Tip: Despite its theater-like appearance, Teatro Victoria is actually a bar. Arrive after 9 pm for the liveliest atmosphere.

Art Galleries:

Duque Arango Gallery

Atmosphere: A modern perspective
What to Know: This gallery focuses exclusively on photography and realistic art.
Pro Tip: Remember to ring the bell to gain entry, as the front doors are often locked even during opening hours.


Baryshev Art Gallery

Atmosphere: Art in unexpected places
What to Know: This hidden gem is a small, easy-to-miss gallery.
Pro Tip: While photography isn’t allowed inside, you’re welcome to admire the art and explore without feeling pressured to purchase.



Cuatro Naipes Tattoo & Piercing

Atmosphere: Edgy creativity
Must-Try: Choose from a range of talented artists, each offering their unique tattoo styles.
Pro Tip: Located next to a laundromat, you can multitask by getting inked while your clothes get cleaned.


Venus Blood Tattoo Shop

Atmosphere: Organic charm
Must-Try: Explore their excellent piercings and affordable rates.
Pro Tip: Visit on Fridays for their special Friday the 13th tattoo specials.


Language Lessons:

Total Spanish School

Atmosphere: Laid-back learning
Must-Try: Enroll in their intensive group classes, which offer a mix of private and group Spanish lessons.
Pro Tip: Join the school’s weekly activities to immerse yourself fully in Colombian culture.

Fitness & Wellness:


Ultra GYM

Atmosphere: The fitness hub
What to Know: Ultra GYM boasts a wide range of equipment, dance rooms, and personal trainers.
Pro Tip: Explore their diverse class offerings, from twerk and dancehall to spinning and cardio, all included in your monthly membership.


Action Black La 10

Atmosphere: Gymnastics haven
What to Know: Action Black specializes in gymnastics and exclusively offers group fitness classes.
Pro Tip: Their plans include unlimited classes, so make the most of it by attending as frequently as you can.


Hair & Beauty: 

Haircuts for Guys

Barberia Provenza

Atmosphere: A laid-back grooming haven
Must-Try: Experience a haircut and color transformation; their specialty includes vibrant and colorful dyes.
Pro Tip: While walk-ins are the norm, you can also secure your spot by making an appointment via WhatsApp. 

Rebel Barbers

Atmosphere: Hipster-inspired grooming
Must-Try: Opt for a classic men’s cut paired with a relaxing scalp massage.
Pro Tip: Booking is a breeze; you can schedule your appointment online through Google or their website. They even offer memberships with extra perks like complimentary beer during your cut. 

Joa Blanco

Atmosphere: Relaxed styling
Must-Try: Discover the latest trends with an undercut or a fade.
Pro Tip: Joa Blanco is incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly and welcomes women seeking edgy undercuts or shaved hairstyles.


Haircuts for Girls


Atmosphere: A cozy haven for women
Must-Try: Elevate your look with highlights or lowlights.
Pro Tip: Besides exceptional styling, Dashka specializes in hair repair and fixing color mishaps, making it your go-to choice for hair emergencies.


Luxury Concept

Atmosphere: An upscale beauty oasis
Must-Try: Immerse yourself in the world of professional makeup services and eyelash treatments.
Pro Tip: This full-service salon caters to all your beauty needs, including hair, makeup, waxing, and more, making it the perfect destination for a complete transformation.


Livana Salon

Atmosphere: An upscale retreat
Must-Try: Elevate your look with balayage and highlights.
Pro Tip: While walk-ins are welcome, you may have a short wait before receiving your pampering session.



Violeta Nails

Atmosphere: Upscale nail artistry
Must-Try: Experience the elegance of dip powder nails, complete with your choice of intricate designs.
Pro Tip: Your nail treatment at Violeta Nails includes customization, so let your creativity run wild at no extra cost.

Nail Garden

Atmosphere: Cute and cozy nail care
Must-Try: Treat yourself to a CBD-infused mani-pedi.
Pro Tip: This boutique salon is small and intimate, so it’s advisable to book an appointment via WhatsApp before your visit.


Celestino Spa

Atmosphere: A haven of tranquility
Must-Try: Embark on the ultimate spa journey with a complete package, featuring a facial, massage, and rejuvenating body treatment.
Pro Tip: Your spa experience also includes access to the Turkish bath or sauna, ensuring you leave feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Viva Spa

Atmosphere: A modern wellness retreat
Must-Try: Recharge with a fruit therapy treatment followed by a volcanic rock spa session.
Pro Tip: Viva Spa offers special packages tailored for bachelor parties, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and other celebratory occasions.


Akzará Thematic Spa

Atmosphere: A romantic escape
Must-Try: Relish in the Eternal Love Ritual spa day package, designed for couples.
Pro Tip: All treatments come with a complimentary glass of champagne or herbal tea, adding a touch of luxury to your spa experience.


Atmosphere: Zen-inspired serenity
Must-Try: Achieve ultimate relaxation with a four-hand massage.
Pro Tip: After your treatment, don’t forget to take advantage of pool access, allowing you to unwind further in a serene setting. 

Fashion & Shopping:


Grocery Stores


Atmosphere: The neighborhood grocery
What to Know: D1 offers a standard grocery shopping experience with a wide selection of everyday items.
Pro Tip: While prices are budget-friendly, specialty and organic food items are limited.


Carulla Express

Atmosphere: The organic haven
What to Know: Carulla Express is akin to Colombia’s version of Whole Foods, featuring high-quality organic goods at affordable prices.
Pro Tip: Treat yourself to fresh bread and artisanal cheeses for a delightful picnic experience.


Clothing Stores:

Pura Clothes

Atmosphere: A women’s fashion paradise
What to Know: Pura Clothes is a go-to spot for stylish tops, dresses, and fashionable ensembles.
Pro Tip: After your shopping spree, relax outside with a cup of coffee and a good book in their cozy seating area.

Rojo Boutique

Atmosphere: Boho-inspired fashion
What to Know: Rojo Boutique specializes in flowy dresses and resort wear for modern women.
Pro Tip: Sign up for their email list on their website to enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase.


Books and Gifts:


Artesanías Colombia Mia

Atmosphere: An artisanal treasure trove
What to Know: This charming shop offers a wide array of handmade items at affordable prices.
Pro Tip: Be cautious while browsing, as any accidental breakage will require a purchase.


Souvenirs Provenza

Atmosphere: Souvenir central
What to Know: Find affordable souvenirs such as baseball caps, t-shirts, magnets, and more.
Pro Tip: Bring cash, as they have a credit card minimum that may lead to overspending.


Librería Lerner

Atmosphere: A book lover’s paradise
What to Know: Librería Lerner primarily features books in Spanish, making it a haven for those proficient in the language.
Pro Tip: Join one of their regular Zoom workshops for a creative indoor activity, perfect for a rainy day.



Selfie Museum

Atmosphere: Unabashedly fun
Must-Try: Take photos with the vibrant exhibits, designed to be the perfect backdrop for your selfies.
Pro Tip: The Colombian Craft Beer Company is conveniently located on the first floor, offering a great spot for a drink after exploring the museum.


In conclusion, the Provenza neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, is a vibrant and diverse destination filled with an array of culinary delights, cultural experiences, and relaxation opportunities. From its delightful breakfast spots to its energetic nightlife, Provenza offers something for everyone. Explore its charming streets, savor exquisite dishes, and immerse yourself in its rich culture and lively atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a taste of local life, Provenza has it all. So, venture into this captivating neighborhood and make your visit to Medellin an unforgettable journey.








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